This year, 2018, the Kentington Resort does not offer camping onsite. 

There is a campsite with plenty of space 15 minutes walk up the road with 24hr showers. 

ss2018 campsite.jpg


Here are some options for you:

Kentington Resort: Rent a cabin. Get bougy, glamp it up! There are plenty of 2/4/6person all-wood cabins available for rent directly from the Kentington Resort. It is a step up from camping, and a nicer option to have showers and a bed for sleeping in and being right onsite with a porch to sit on.

Tent Camping: We have seen campsites along the road to Manzhou that are easily accessible by scooter or a long walk. They are not affiliated with us. 

Rock Garden Campsite is a scooter ride away.

UUKT.COM.TW is a good resource for all things sleepy weepy snoozy woozy. hotel, motel, bnb, camping etc.
They suggest you look hereor here, or here, or hereor here.

There are other campsites scattered around the whole southern peninsula as well..