Thanks to our Sponsors, Partners, Supporters, and Friends

All of us at the Spring Scream event are grateful to these companies for the gracious support of the arts.

Logo Cheng Da2.jpg

ChengDa PA sound company is the best. We love working with them and all their affiliated PA company friends. Versatile, helpful, and passionate about great sound.

Dixon horizontal.jpg

All the drums on the stages are supplied by Dixon Drums. Dixon has been supplying Spring Scream with the best drum sets for many years.


Taichung music and live house and events. They have been building and supporting the live music scene for years and years with No Fear! 


Though the event is not at the National Park this year, we are thankful that the National Park was for many years our home. It still holds wonderful memories and will always be in our hearts. It is one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan, and we recommend people take the time to explore this wonderful part of Southern Taiwan. Some highlights are the undersea diving, the beaches on east side, the Fire coming out of the geothermal vents, the jungle park and the south point walk. There are many more, so check the internet for more.