April 1~3, 2017 年 4月1~3日
墾丁 鵝鑾鼻國家公園 台灣



Eluanbi Lighthouse
Kenting National Park

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Welcome to Spring Scream 2017, year of the Chicken.
Once a year, at the very southern tip of Taiwan, on the gorgeous grasslands overlooking the sea, hundreds of artists and musicians gather for a weekend of festivities.  
It's been 23 times around the sun and continues to evolve. Come and join us... again.

Line up is out! 

Bands and DJ's should confirm NOW! (If you are on the line-up you should receive a confirmation email and important form.
Stalls should contact us.
Artists and performers others who want to get involved before or at the event should also get in touch now.


Get Involved

Wondering what you can do while you are there for 3 days? You can squeeze alot of fun in one day and have a nap in the hammock too.

Wondering how you can make the event better? The better the prep, the more the fun!

Got a few minutes to give some feed back? Translate? 

海沁瑜珈節 體驗台灣的第一個瑜珈節. 邀請你加入我們為期三天的瑜珈、冥想、音樂和藝術等,就在墾丁美麗的海灘,為你的身心靈帶來一週末的難忘體驗

海沁瑜珈節 體驗台灣的第一個瑜珈節. 邀請你加入我們為期三天的瑜珈、冥想、音樂和藝術等,就在墾丁美麗的海灘,為你的身心靈帶來一週末的難忘體驗

Oceansound Yoga Festival 

FIND YOUR OCEAN-SOUNDING BREATH, AT OCEANSOUND YOGA FESTIVAL. Join us for 3 days of yoga, meditation, music, art and more for a weekend your mind, body and soul will never forget!