Get Involved

Spring Scream is you, and what you do.  You make it happen. 


Musicians, bands and DJs

Music has always been a favorite focal point of the event. 800 passionate musicians will come together for a long weekend of festivities and sharing their art, their vision, their message, their personal self expression, their skillz from years of practice. Stages hold bands of all sizes and sounds. <Apply now>


Other Performances and Art

This weekend is about so much more than bands. What do you do, perform, or share with a passion? Share it at Spring Scream? We want to hear from you. 
Street performance, Art instillation, Movement & Flow Arts, Circus,Spoken-word. Stories. Comedy. Theater. Improv.  .<Apply now>

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Do you love food? Making food. Eating food. Imagine a festival food experience that treats food as an art to be made and enjoyed the same way you love making and listening to music... with passion, good taste, variety, higher quality ingredients, and shared among friends. <Read more...>

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Always the heart of the event, the foundation that fans flow through going to and from stages. Food, drinks, merchandise, and services. <Apply>



Every year the team of volunteers makes the event come alive and run smoothly. There are a variety of tasks, and you can be the one to make it happen. < Register >