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Red Room Screams!

A crowd of Taipei's artisty folk will be travelling down and will have a bit of an adventure lined up - The purpose to help create and nourish with a few hours of performers & lovers of theatre, spoken word, comedy & story telling. Big thanks to : *Sweet Danger *Two Three Comedy"

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Otonana Trio from Tokyo are coming. Kentaro, of Dynamite Club, leads this mind blowing band as they continue their world tour in Taiwan.

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WEBSITE FINISHED - (2/5/2017) With a switch to a new platform, website editor, updates and changes will be faster. 

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NEWS PAGE - (1/9/2017) Not sure if this page is useful yet, but it sure is promising. Now just need something worth begging your eyes. Probably nothing if I'm writing this. But here's a cool picture.
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It's the year of the chicken, hen, rooster, cock, fowl, etc. So embrace your inner bird because the year's theme corresponds to the Zodiac animal. We've fallen down the chicken rabbit hole. 

Beautiful location, great people, and the best yoga on the island comes to the festival. The Ocean Sound Yoga experience gathers the best teachers for 3 days of instruction and yoga classes. Come to the quieter corner of this creative weekend. Get re-inspired and reconnect. There is an additional fee to attend this.

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Food Club
Enjoy your food like you enjoy your music. Better, easier, and in a beautiful place. Join the Food Club as a shoestring gourmet with a love of sharing great food, or as a lover of that great food and the chefs that prepare it. Variety, quality, health and taste. Vego's welcome. This is a premium food art project and so the emphasis will be on organic food (when ever possible). We'll strive to tell you about how it got from farm to your mouth. This is 3 days of delicious food and drink prepared by many different people, and served in limited quantities.