早鳥票口 : EARLY BIRD Ticket window


    2400元  2/15~2/28 (Eventbee, ATM Transfer from 2/24 )
    2600元     3/1~3/15 (Eventbee, ATM Transfer, KKTix        )
    2800元   3/16~3/31 (Eventbee, ATM Transfer, KKTix        )
    3000元       4/5-4/6 (Only at Door                                       )


    1-DAY PASS

    1200元  2/15~2/28 (Eventbee, ATM Transfer from 2/24 )
    1300元     3/1~3/15 (Eventbee, ATM Transfer, KKTix        )
    1400元   3/16~3/31 (Eventbee, ATM Transfer, KKTix        )
    1500元       4/5-4/7 (Only at Door                                       )



    (Limited Amount.  Available before 2/28)

    Multi-Day Pass includes:

    • All event (3 days) access for duration of event.
    • Access to resort pool, and activity center

    三日入場套票 : 包含:

    • 三日通行票
    • 度假飯店泳池及活動中心入場通行

    1-Day Pass includes:

    • 1 Day Event pass for any one single day.
    • Valid from 12 noon to 11:59pm (midnight)
    • Does NOT include access to resort pool, and activity center

    單日票 : 包含:

    • 單日入場票
    • 有效期限為當天中午12點到晚上11:59分止
    • 不包含度假飯店泳池及活動中心入場通行

    Full Fun Package includes:

    • Multi-Day Pass - All event (3 days) access for duration of event.
    • Priority check-in at the door.
    • 12 drinks!
    • Sweet Sweet Spring Scream Bag w/ Surprise Swag.
    • Access to resort pool, and activity center.

    超值優惠套票 (限量販售): 包含:

    • 三日通行票
    • 優先通道入場
    • 12杯飲品
    • 春天吶喊專屬提袋及驚喜禮品
    • 度假飯店泳池及活動中心入場通行

    EventBee Ticket 

    Eventbee 是一個線上付款平台,提供安全又快速信用卡及Paypal付款的方式,並在你購買之後Eventbee將寄發確認信
    EventBee is an online platform offering fast and safe payments with credit card or PayPal. After your purchase, EventBee will confirm with you.
    (Are you experiencing problems completing the payment with PayPal or Credit Card? Check the FAQ Troubleshooting section below.) 

    Direct ATM or bank transfer (After 2月24日 開始)

    All pricing is according to the date of purchase. See above.

    You may purchase multiple tickets at one time with Direct ATM or bank transfer method. Calculate total by multiplying number of tickets by price (according to date of purchase.)

    ATM Transfer 使用自動提款機轉帳

    Must have TaiwanID... Shen Fen Jen.    Sorry, no ARC or Passport numbers accepted** (See below.)  ARC holder can do a Bank Transfer!


    全台灣ATM皆可轉帳...... Go to any ATM machine on the island and.....

    1. 插入提款卡並輸入提款卡密碼 Enter your bank card and password

    2. 選取”轉帳功能”Choose 'transfer funds'

    3. 如果你的銀行帳戶不是上海銀行, 請記得選取”跨行轉帳”, 如果是三點以後會提醒你為次日交易. If it is after 3 pm, it will notify you that the transfer will happen the next day....press O.K or continue.

    4. 按行庫代號:(上海銀行) 011 ;Enter Bank Code # (Shang Hai): 011

    5. 按轉入帳戶: 508+ 身分證字號Enter Beneficiary's Account # (spring scream): 508+ TaiwanID number

    [例如] 身分證字號是C123456789你輸入的帳號為50843123456789. A=41 B=42 C=43.......Z=66  (EX:If your Taiwan ID# is C123456789.....then you would enter 50843123456789 as the Beneficiary 's Account # A=41, B=42, C=43......Z=66)


    6. 按轉入金額Enter the transfer amount.

    7. 轉帳完成Enter OK, Accept

    8. 請保留好你轉帳成功的收據,並攜帶收據以及購買人的身分證(或駕照),在票口完成登記後,到“最南露營區”的服務攤位,我們會有專人為你服務。

    Please keep the ATM printed receipt of the transfer and bring this receipt and your Taiwan ID (Shen Fen Jen) with the same number to the door of Spring Scream in Kentington Resort. A photo of the receipt will be accepted with original Taiwan ID.  

    **If you don't have a Taiwanese ID:

    Do you have a taiwanese friend who can let you use their Taiwanese ID number to make a payment?  If so, you can use your local bank and their ID# to make this easy transfer.  ATM will be the most convenient for you if you can.  Bring the original receipt and a copy (or photo) of their ID to the door.

    **If you don’t have an ID number or don't wish to use one, you can use the traditional way of transferring money by going to the bank and doing a transfer.  Be sure to write your name on the form so it will be printed in our bank book.  

    Bank Transfer info:


    上海商業儲蓄銀行 仁愛分行

    The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Jen-Ai Branch

    Account No: 24102000023300


    Kentington Resort Cabins available now!
    You must have a multi-day ticket to rent a cabin.


    重要資訊!! 活動現場位置。訂房請直接洽詢南台灣小墾丁渡假村
    Important!  >>>>> New Venue! New Location! 
    ManZhou 滿洲 Kentington Resort. South Taiwan. Contact Kentington Resort directly to inquire about cabin accommodations.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Spring Scream Multi-Day Pass April 5-7 2018. Non Transferable, Single person, Multiple entry for entire event.
    • Spring Scream 1-Day Pass. Non Transferable, Single person, Multiple entry for any ONE DAY of event.
    • All refunds charge a 20% fee and must be done before March 16. After March 15 there are no refunds.
    • Spring Scream and its schedule are subject to changes and/or cancellations that may not be announced.
    • All people staying overnight must have a Multi-Day Pass to enter. That means single day attendees can not stay beyond 11:59pm.
    • Resort accommodation or Camping fees are not included with event ticket.
    • There is no camping on site.
    • Anyone found on site without a valid Pass will be charged double door price. 
    • No outside drink or food.
    • For security, bags will be checked on entry.

    • Must have valid photo ID to enter venue.

    • Must abide by the law of the land.


    • Spring Scream Multi-Day Pass April 5-7 2018. Non Transferable, Single person, Multiple entry for entire event.
    • Spring Scream 1-Day Pass. Non Transferable, Single person, Multiple entry for any ONE DAY of event.
    • 本活動退票截止日期為 3 月16日前,退票需收20%手續費及匯款匯費, 3 月15日後恕不接受退票辦理。
    • 演出藝人及表演內容主辦單位有權更動不另行通知,本公司保留變更或終止本活動時間、內容之權利,本活動之任何異動以活動官方網站公告為準。
    • 購買超值優惠套票或三日入場套票享有過夜住宿權利,持有一日票者不在此限,晚上11:59前必須離開活動會場。
    • 表演時間以現場為主不另行通知
    • 所有價格皆不含度假飯店住宿費及露營費。
    • 本場地沒有露營區。
    • 進入活動現場而未購票被查獲必須付現場票雙倍票價購買.
    • 禁止攜帶外食及飲品入場。
    • 基於安全性考量,於入口處檢查隨身背包.
    • 進入活動現場請務必攜帶有照片的證件.
    • 請務必遵守場地內所有規定。

    FAQs and Troubleshooting:

    Q: What is Eventbee? Does it work?
    A: This is the first year we are trying alternative payment systems without going through middle men. There have been many successful purchases through the Eventbee ticket window so far so good.

    Q: Payment is not going through. What can I do?
    A: We sent a message to EventBee for some suggestions and here is their reply:

    We don't see any problem from our end. Unfortunately we have no control once you click on pay  with Paypal button, it  automatically
    redirects to the Paypal page. So we don't know  why Paypal rejects someone's credit or debit card.
    If  somebody's card is rejected/failed, might be the following reasons.
    1) The card is associated with a specific PayPal account, and he is not logging in with that particular account.
    2) The card was associated with a PayPal account that has since been closed.
    3) He linked the card to a PayPal account, but have not yet confirmed it.
    4) He exceeded the card limit with the PayPal system.
    5) His email address is raising a red flag in PayPal's system.
    6) His browser is not accepting cookies. He should clear any existing cookies and try again.
       Thanks, Eventbee Support

    Q: Where can I find the Spring Scream Eventbee window?
    A: Here is a direct link to the Eventbee Spring Scream Ticket page.

    Q: Having trouble making the payment. What do I do?
    A: Payments go through PayPal payment account or via credit card. If you are experiencing trouble making the payment, contact your credit card, your bank and or PayPal to ensure you have the correct bank, an approved card company or a sufficient balance in your PayPal account.

    Q: ATM Transfer not working.
    A: Direct transfer will begin at the second tier of 2400元/1200元 level of ticket sales from about 2/24. 


    Q:刷卡沒有通過。 我能做什麼?

    我們沒有看到我們的最終任何問題。 抱歉的是,我們無法控制一旦你點擊付款與傳送按鈕,它會自動
    重定向到Paypal頁面。 所以我們不知道PayPal 為什麼拒絕某人的信用卡或金融卡。
    6)他的瀏覽器不接受cookies。 他應該清除任何現有的cookies並重試。

    Q:該如何找到春吶Eventbee 畫面?

    A:付款時會將你導向PayPal 信用卡畫面.如果在刷卡或付款時出現無法接受時的問題.請聯絡你的信用卡公司或是你的發卡銀行或是PayPal 去試著瞭解問題點.